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How To Be A Good Golf Player

Yes, you love playing golf, but are you good at it already? You do not need to be a professional golfer to find the interest of being good with the sport. Sure, to anything you are good at, it makes you feel successful and fulfilled. Just like Dr Eugene Kramer, he is good with his […]

How To Maximize Your Golf Experience

Playing any sports is a good idea as it can practice many of your skills, but if you want a sport that does not involve a lot of physical workout, then golf can be a good choice. Dr Eugene Kramer, also loves playing golf and he uses it to relax and take a break from […]

Factors Making Golf Different From Other Sports

Golf is a popular game throughout the world. However, only the people from high-class like doctors like Dr Eugene Kramer are found playing golf in most cases. The game is different from other sports in various aspects. In this article, we are about to look at some of these factors of difference. Individual game – […]

Golf is Different From All Other Sports, Why?

You would have played or seen people playing a range of sports. It could be anything like cricket, football, hockey, and the likes. However, all these games would have something in common in terms of rules, the number of players, and many more. But there is a unique sport that even the majority of the […]