Major Reasons for the Uniqueness of Golf as a Sport

If you take a survey with all the people you can contact about the sports in which they have experience, you will get some common answers like cricket, basketball, soccer, and even hockey. However, only a few or nobody will say that they have experience playing golf. There are some reasons for the reduced number of players choosing this sport even for their hobby. You might have seen the sport on your television or live in rare cases. Popular people like Dr Eugene Kramer have shown interest in this game. Golf is an interesting sport with a different kind of gameplay and rules that you could not see in most other sports. If you are wondering about the reasons for the uniqueness of this game, you can go through the following.

No constant actions – In a game like a football, all the players would constantly be running across the field to get the ball into the goal. Even if the players do not have the ball, they would be chasing it. You cannot see so many players being idle or simply walking in most outdoor sports. However, golf is all about patience and stability. On a golf field, you will never see a player running. Whatever the situation may be, nobody will run. Likewise, the game will be played calmy without any constant fast-paced action. So, it is unique.

Self-play – You cannot play cricket or football without having so many members or at least two. However, golf is one of the few sports where a single player can challenge himself and play for a long time. You will make a record during your first attempt and would be chasing the same again. Golf is not a team game. It is another factor that makes the sport unique from most others.

No big events – You can see big sporting events happening often even in your locality in terms of other games. Schools and sporting clubs would constantly conduct such tournaments. However, golf will not happen on that big scale. You can rarely see some big tournaments like the Olympics and the likes.

Not spectator-friendly – The sporting world is changing from an event-based industry to an entertainment-based industry. As all other sporting actions would be interesting and fast-paced, the number of viewers for such games would be high. Those games would be interesting even for beginners who do not know the rules. However, golf is not friendly for newbie spectators. Some of them may get bored because of the slow-paced action.

More of a mental game – Golf may look like an outdoor sport. However, it is similar to chess as it requires mental strength and focuses to be successful. You cannot win in golf only because of your physical strength and knowledge of the gameplay. So, it is being unique to other outdoor sports.

Mystery game – Golf is unique because most people think that it is a mystery. There are so many misconceptions about the game that makes it unique from others. However, the rules alone are different.

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