Factors Making Golf Different From Other Sports

Golf is a popular game throughout the world. However, only the people from high-class like doctors like Dr Eugene Kramer are found playing golf in most cases. The game is different from other sports in various aspects. In this article, we are about to look at some of these factors of difference.

Individual game – In most other games, there will be an option to play in groups or teams. However, golf is not like that. Whatever the level of the game being played, the players will play for themselves single-handedly. The gameplay of the sport does not allow players to team up. It makes this game different from everything else. However, it becomes an advantage as you need not wait for your opponents to come to play this game. You can even play it alone and challenge your previous records.

No referees – You need not have a referee to conduct the golf games and notice the proceedings carefully like most other games. While going through the rules, you will know the dos and don’ts of the game. You will also know the activities to do if you commit any foul during the game. So, you will automatically do it without the presence of a referee. But you can notice the presence of referees in some higher levels of the game.

Slow-paced – Another factor of difference that distinguishes golf from all other games is its pacing. You will not even be active during a golf game. The predominant portion of the game will contain the players standing still. The most active action to take will be walking from one point to another. So, it could be boring for the spectators to watch a golf game when compared to the fast-paced nature of other sports.

Different venues – Sometimes, you can play tennis even on a cricket ground. Likewise, hockey could be played on a football court. But you cannot play golf in any other space except a golf course. Since the course itself should have some features to play golf, the venues of the sport make it different from its fellow games. Also, you will find differences in different golf courses. 

No limitations of age – Another differentiating factor is the age to play golf. Golf is not restricted to people of any certain age group. An eighteen-year-old can play the game similar to a sixty-year-old. As the game is not based on muscle power or active metabolism, everyone can play it regardless of their age. However, other sporting actions where physical strength plays a major part will be suitable only for people below a certain age.

Etiquette – In all other games, the players will follow only a specific set of rules. However, there will be etiquette to follow if you want to play golf.

Calm game – The entire game will happen with calmness all over the course. You will not even hear any sounds if you watch a golf game.

Costly game – Golf is costlier than any other sport. It is because of the numerous equipment required and their overall costs.

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