Golf is Different From All Other Sports, Why?

You would have played or seen people playing a range of sports. It could be anything like cricket, football, hockey, and the likes. However, all these games would have something in common in terms of rules, the number of players, and many more. But there is a unique sport that even the majority of the people do not play. It is nothing but golf. There is a misconception that golf is a sport for the elite. However, there are no restrictions for people from all backgrounds to play the game. For instance, popular chiropractic Dr Eugene Kramer himself has claimed his interest in golf. However, there are some characteristics of the game that makes it different from all other sports. In this article, we are about to discuss these characteristics in brief.

No teams – Golf is a single-guy game that will never be played with a team of members. Unlike most other games, you need not have a bunch of players to play golf. Interestingly, you can even play singlehandedly on a golf course even if there is no one to play with you.

No referees – Excluding the higher stages of the sport like the international levels, most golfing events will happen without the presence of a referee to oversee the proceedings. If you commit a foul or something on the field, you should penalize yourself. However, high-end tournaments would have referees and scoring systems.

Slow-paced – Golf is a slow-paced game and most people who are being spectators for the game would get frustrated if they do not love the game. As the game depends on mental strength and focuses rather than physical activity, the game would seem boring. However, the players would love the game and would be involved in it. If you compare it with other sports, it will be slow-paced.

Different venues – The venue of golf is the primary factor that makes it different from all other sports. You can play cricket or football on any field. However, golf cannot be played anywhere. There should be a golf course especially available for the game with necessary field variations like the green, the fairway, and the likes. Also, every golf court will be different from another. So, it makes golf a unique game.

No opponents – In most cases, you would be playing against yourself and beating your past records. There will not be any opponents unless you are into a grand league at a bigger stage. Golf is more about challenging yourself than competing with others.

No age – Golf is a sport that can be played by even a five years old kid and a 60-year-old man at once. There is no restriction based on age as well as gender.

Game with etiquette – You can simply follow the rules alone in other sports. However, golf consists of some etiquette to follow that would help you be social with fellow players. In this way, golf is being different.

Calm game – Golfers would not even run on the field. The game remains calm throughout and this makes it unique.

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