Why Should You Try Playing Tennis?

The sporting world is full of games with different rules and gameplays. You may be interested in any type of game. However, if you are willing to get started with any particular game, it is advisable to choose tennis that is played by professional players, hobby players, and even working professionals like Dr Eugene Kramer. Many people think that tennis is only for entertainment purposes. However, there are several benefits of playing this game instead of others. Let us discuss why you should try playing tennis.


Tennis is full of fun. You cannot predict the winner of the game easily in a tennis game as the game can change into something else within a few minutes. The scoring system of the game is designed in a way that makes it interesting than other games. Also, you can enjoy every good shot and take off yours. Overall, you can spend your quality time with this fun-filled game that comes with a range of other benefits also.


Tennis is highly affordable when compared with other games. As the only requirement is a tennis racquet, the costs of playing tennis will not be much. You may think that the racquet itself will cost high. Let us assume that you managed to get a racquet somehow. Afterward, you need not spend much other than the basic items of balls and shoes. As you can play tennis anywhere, you need not even pay extra for the court. So, the overall cost of tennis equipment will be less and almost anyone could afford it. However, other games like golf would require a lot to invest even to play for fun. Hence, more people are preferring tennis to other games.

Healthy sport

You cannot be idle on a tennis court. The game is fast-paced and even a single moment of idleness will even cost you the entire game. So, your body will be in constant motion. As a result, you can maintain the fitness of your body by playing tennis continuously. While you strike the ball, your hands will be stretched to various angles. Likewise, the gameplay will also give some work to your legs. Overall, tennis is a healthy sport that could help you stay fit. Some studies show that tennis players could live for several years than those who do not play. If you play tennis for one hour every day, you can even skip going to a gym to maintain your body.


Tennis may seem like a sport suitable for strong young lads. Although the game requires physical strength, even older people can also play it with modified rules. So, you can witness people from all age groups playing tennis for fun. Fit people who can play better may go competitive and try the game in bigger levels, while those who could not compete with the top players will play for fun alone.

Reduced stress

If you come out of your work full of stress, a thirty-minute game can help you get some mental relief.

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