The Tennis Tournament Guide for the Grand Slams

The  Grand  Slam  tennis  tournament  contains  4  tournaments  taking  place around  the  world.  They  feature  the  best  tennis  players  in  the  world  and  even  the  face  of  the  court  varies  between  most  tournaments,  some  players  are  more  qualified  for  some  than  others.

All  four  majors  are  very  popular  with  tennis  fans  and  attract  bets  of  millions  of  pounds  every  year.

Australian  Open

The  Australian Open  was  founded  in  1905  and  is  the  first  of four  Grand  Slams  а  year,  taking  place  in  the  last  two  weeks  of January. The tournament has been held in Melbourne Park since 1988 and has previously been held in several venues including Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, and twice in New Zealand. 

The parallels were played in solid court areas; however, they were played on the grass before 1988. Strong courts claim that ball bounces more quickly than other places and is much faster compared to the clay used in the French Open.

The current men’s Australian Open champion is Novak Djokovic who has won the tournament more than any other player in this category, lifting the trophy nine times so far and for the past three consecutive years.

Japan’s Naomi Osaka is a leading women’s champion, winning her second title at the Australian Open in 2021. The Australian Court Margaret Smith holds the most (11) titles and Serena Williams has won the most during the Open.

French Орen

The French Орen  is  the  second annual grand slam of the year and took place over two weeks at the Roland-Garros stadium in Paris in late May

The  tournament  is  the  only  four  major  matches to  be  played in the clay area  which  is  a slow  move  to  make  the  ball  easier to  return.

Spanish midfielder Rafael Nadal has  ruled  the  game  in  clay  courts  since  early  2000  and  has  won  the  tournament  13  times  in  the  last  17  years.

However,  Nadal  was  knocked out  of  the  2021  French  Орen  by  the  last  winner,  Novak  Djokovic  by  four  sets  in  the  semi-finals.  Despite  winning  20  Grand  Slams  so  far,  it  would  be  Djokovic’s  second victory at French Орen.


Wimbledon, also known as the Championship, is considered one of the world’s most prestigious tennis tournaments and has been in existence since 1877.  that is played in gross courts.

The English  event  took place over  two  weeks  in  early  July  each year but was played in Late June in year 2020.

Many celebrities and members of the royal  family  are  often  seen  in  court  seats  in  central  Wimbledon.  Other things that add  to  the  veneration  of  the  event  include  athletes  who  have  to  follow  the  strict  dress  code of  white  people  throughout  the  tournament,  the  tournament  is  sponsored by  Rolex  and  the  culture  of strawberries  and cream is available to spectators.

Fans’ favorite Roger Federer  has  won  the  Wimbledon  single  men’s  title  eight  times;  more  than  any  other  player in the history and two  more  than  current champion Novak  Djokovic.  Martina Navratilova  tops the  women’s  championship table as  she  has  won  the  competition  less  than  nine  times  and  most  recently  in  1990.  Australia’s Ashleigh Bartee  is  a current  champions  аs  the  25-yeаr-оld  won  his  first  Wimbledon  title  in  the  summer  оf  2021.

Experts such as Dr Eugene Kramer emphasize on the various benefits that playing tennis can offer to players. Watching these tournaments can encourage more and more people to start playing the game.

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