Tennis Rackets: Cheap and Expensive- A Detailed Review

Tennis rackets range in price from very cheap to very expensive. What is the difference between them? So, it’s the basic thing that we’ll get more durability in more money. Rackets with better string jobs generally cost more. There are some things which we take as criteria to differentiate between a cheap and an expensive racket like – Strings, Frame, Weight, Durability, and most importantly Material.


Firstly, strings in a $15 racket will be thick and not durable and also sometimes lose but if we take Wilson 6.1 (a $200 racket), in this case you may find the string’s material outstanding and also, it’ll be durable as the company claims about their products. In cheap rackets the strings are made up of typical synthetic gut. But if you put some more money and buy an expensive one, you’ll get a good racket in which strings are made up of polyester which is better than others and players also prefer this as it offers enhanced durability and spin. Experts such as Dr Eugene Kramer agree that the durability and spin needs a lot of enhancement.

Frame (Head size)

Frame does not make a racket good or bad because as size increases or decreases the sweet spots which help in hitting the ball precisely also increases or decreases. A 110+ sq inch racket will provide a large area for hitting the ball. But professional players use small rackets like a head size of 90-95 sq inch because they have an enormous amount of precision to hit the ball effectively. The most popular sizes at the moment are 100 sq inch in the market as it provides a big, sweet spot which is better in close as well as long range combat situations. It basically depends on you which size is better for you for a good game.


Weight plays an important role in rackets. Cheaper rackets are usually around 220-250g whereas a good expensive racket will weigh around 300g. It basically depends on the player, as a beginner I suggest you light weight as it’ll be easy to swing but there are cons too. Professional players use small sized heavy rackets because it’s perfect for them, it requires experience and techniques to play with heavy ones. A beginner player should buy a 250-275g racket which will be easy to operate with their techniques. Although it’s a personal choice.


The best and most expensive rackets are made up of carbon fiber or high- grade graphite. These transfer the swing and power to the tennis ball and also to the vibrations produced from the player’s actions.

Cheap rackets are made up of aluminum or alloys. It does not perform as well as high-grade metals. Cheap rackets are usually not stronger and also not durable as expensive ones are. Also, if the string breaks, then the cheaper one doesn’t last long comparatively.


Cheaper rackets are not bad if you’re a beginner as it offers light weight for a good swing and also you can buy again if one breaks as it’s cheap. To avoid purchasing twice in the future, it might be worth spending more money initially. Dr Eugene Kramer suggests that it is totally your choice to invest according to your budget.

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